5 Content Types Your Dental Practice Should Focus On

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So your dental practice is trying to build its content calendar but doesn’t know where to start. Or, maybe you’re unsure of which types of content you should focus on.

There are so many choices and content types that you might try to cover them all. But focusings on these five can help put you ahead of the game.


This type of content is the chance for you and your staff to unleash your inner photographers. You can take photos of any and everything to share on your social media, your website, your blog. You can change up your reminder postcard with new images or a photo collage.

Photos of the inside and outside of your office are helpful for new patients. They get a feel for the area and the ambiance of your practice. You can also take before and after photos of your patients (with permission of course).

Candid photos of your staff members are fun. They let your patients know you’re not opposed to having a fun, joyful environment.

Photos of your equipment, tools, and other things around your practice can disarm potential patients and put them at ease.

Seasonal events and holidays are prime times to take pictures and share them with your patients via social media or your blog.


Everyone loves video content. It’s easy to digest, and they don’t have to the time it would take to read the same information.

With video, you have tons of options. You can provide explanatory videos, take your patients on tour of the office, or even give them a glimpse of a day in the life of a dental practice.

Video is also a good way to help alleviate patients worry about particular procedures. If you get permission from a few patients to record their procedure, other patients can preview your interaction with patients. They can gauge whether or not they’d vibe with you.


Your blog is the place for you to educate and inform your patients with long-form content. You can embed your video and photos into your blogs so you can use a blog for multimedia posts.  It’s also a place you can get creative with different types of posts.

  • How-to Posts
  • Numbered Lists
  • Top 5/7/10
  • Insider Tips
  • Expert Opinion
  • Educational/Informative

How-to Posts

These types of posts are self-explanatory. “How to Properly Use Mouth Wash in Your Brushing Routine.” Here is where you can explain things that you notice many patients have issues with, e.g. proper flossing technique, don’t brush too hard, etc.

Numbered Lists

These posts list thing, obviously. So you could write about about “10 Dental Care Essentials Everyone Should Keep in Their Purse/Desk/Bag”  This would be an article about brushing after meals, on the go, or at work and the things people should have available for good oral health.

Another could be “5 Dental Tools to Stay Away From.”

Top 5/7/10

Top 5/7/10 lists are different than numbered lists, as they are specific to promoting the best items or activities for specific reasons. For example “Top 5 Toothpastes I Recommend for Patients” would be exactly what it says. You’d list each item and give some insight as to why you recommend each brand.

Insider Tips

Insider tips are great for readers looking for general advice. Insider tips could be about anything oral care related. “What to do if You Lose a Filling on the Weekend,” this type of blog post is helpful for when the dentist’s office is closed, but a patient is experiencing a dental emergency.

The purpose of these types of articles is for your patients to find the information on your website instead of on a competitor’s.

Expert Opinion

These posts should provide your expert opinion on new products, techniques, over-the-counter dental care items. You can let your audience know the pros and cons of dental care products, you can give your opinion on the best methods for teeth whitening, etc. The opportunities are endless.


These posts require a little more research or expert knowledge of specific areas. Here, you can use statistical data, survey results, and real-world evidence and anecdotes.

As a dental professional, this is your area to shine and show your patients why you’re the expert they need to consult for all their dental needs.


Patients searching for a new dentist might turn to social channels to learn more about your practice.

A 2017 study showed 24 percent of patients would search for dentists using Facebook. Instagram is also a great place for social posts that ask and answer patients’ questions. For example, if you have an FAQ that you want to answer en masse, social media is the way to do it.

You can create a graphic and use the caption area to discuss the question or the answer at length. Engaging your audience with your content can help attract the patients you want.

Dental Practice Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are important for dental practices. They help potential patients make a decision about whether they want to trust this office with their oral health.

One study suggests that 60 percent of people have dental anxiety or dental phobia. Getting these people into a dental chair can be a challenge, and reviews can help them decide if your practice is right for them.

When you put an emphasis on reviews, you might help alleviate that fear. Good reviews will attract new patients over bad reviews any day.

Make sure you claim your business name on sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other directory sites. And, encourage your patients to leave reviews. Although people are more likely to post negative reviews to warn others away from practices, you can give your patients an incentive to go online and leave a rating and review.

Hold a drawing each month, let your patients know you’ll be drawing the name of one person who leaves an honest review on the review site of choice. Be sure to emphasize honest. Some patients might be tempted to leave 5-star ratings and reviews because they think it’ll give them an edge over negative reviews.

Use negative reviews to improve any area of complaint. Is your wait time too long? Do you need to improve your bedside manner? Is your receptionist offputting?

These are things you need to know to help attract new customers and retain loyal ones to your dental practice.


For your content strategy to come together as an executable plan, your dental practice should focus on five types of content:

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Ratings and Reviews

These types are the content types you potential patients look for when they’re searching for a new dentist.

Don’t have time to tacke all five content types? Get some help.

Bella Vita Content can help manage your blog and/or social platforms. Or simply write the blog posts you have time to write. Visit the services page to learn how we can help.

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