5 Types of Blog Posts for Law Firms

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You probably already know that law firms the blog receive 126% more leads than those that don’t, and they convert six times more. So what’s keeping you from blogging and capitalizing on content marketing?

Are you stumped on ideas for blog post topics? Maybe you just don’t have time to plan your content calendar but want to publish a regular blog to your website.

If that’s the case, fret not. A solution is neare. These are five types of blog posts to keep your law firm’s blog fresh will help you power through your creative slump and keep your blog updated and searchable.


How-to blog posts teach your readers how to do something, right? So what can you teach a client who might be in need of an attorney?

You can teach them what questions to ask a prospective attorney to see if they’re the right fit. You can teach them how to perform a search for the specific type of attorney they seek. You can teach them how to use the law to their advantage if their ever in a specific type of precarious situation.

Use your area of expertise to focus your how-to blog on the type of client you’re trying to attract.

Seasonal Content

Every year new laws go into effect. This is a perfect time to capitalize and plan your blog content. You can provide a summary of all the new laws going into effect and when designate individual posts for each new or revised law.

Depending on the year, you could have enough blog post inspiration to last a few months. 

Have you noticed you see more of one type of case than others during a certain time of year? More DUI cases during the summer? More custody cases during the winter or around Christmas. 

Use the trend to cover a topic. 

Law Overview

There are plenty of laws you can simplify and explain to your readers. 

To break up the seriousness and provide your readers with fun facts or perspective you can even do a “Thursday Throwback” and write about an antiquated law that’s no longer on the books, or has been modified and made up-to-date so it applies to modern times.

Depending on the city you serve, it could be a simple as a ban on ice cream, as was the case in the city of Carmel by the Sea, which was overturned by former mayor Clint Eastwood.

Or it could be something as complicated as the Stand Your Ground law which several states uphold.

Topical Advice

The supreme court interprets the law, but you can give potential clients some insight into specific aspects of those interpretations.

You can use the cases you’re working on for inspiration, or you can pull from past cases to provide case studies. In these posts, you can explain the situation, how you or your firm handled it, and the outcome. You can also provide a summary and any lessons you learned while handling a said case.

Your blog posts can offer advice on what to do if a reader is ever in that sort of situation.

Current Events

The headlines can inspire your next blog post. From high-speed chases to corporate collapses to reproductive rights, you’re likely to find an angle in your field of practice to write about.

When things appear in the news, the public can be confused about the legality of events. They may be confused about the constitutionality of things and why certain individuals involved are not being prosecuted or held accountable. You can be their guide and explain things. 

For example, a human rights attorney might use the current immigration situation where children are separated from parents and subjected to inhumane conditions as inspiration for a post on how this can be constitutional and why certain government entities can get away with it.


As an attorney, you or your law firm understand how important blogging is for content marketing. However, you may not have the time or bandwidth to develop a content calendar or brainstorm blog topics. These five blog post times can help you save a little time coming up with blog ideas.

  • How-To Blogs
  • Seasonal Blog Posts
  • Law Overviews
  • Topical Advice Posts
  • Current Events

These types of blog posts give you the chance to have a little fun, but still give your readers tons of useful information. Or you can play it completely straight by simply presenting information without injecting that little bit of personality. Either way, they will have them calling to inquire about your services.

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