The first thing clients want to know is how much will a particular service cost. Here's the breakdown by service. If you need multiple services or anticipate a long-term need, we can discuss negotiate the rate.

Content Writing - $450 page

Content writing includes web page content, exclusive of blogging. Pages are 500 words maximum. Pages requiring additional words add 0.15/word.

Blogging - $1.25/word.

Regular blog posts (monthly, weekly, etc.) of well-researched, original information using the latest SEO techniques and sourced images. Blogs are 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 words per post. Blog requiring more than 2000 words add $0.15 word.

Article Writing - $3500

Articles are written for publications that include original reporting, and research with quotes and images. Includes 3 original interviews. Articles requiring additional time, research, sourcing, must be discussed prior to starting work.

Social Media Management - $400/wk

The fee included two social media channels (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) Additional fee for additional social networks. I post up to 3 times daily on your social media. You can request specific content be posted or I create original posts, article and blog sharing, images, etc.

Additional Writing Services - Inquire

Additional Services include Newsletters, Press Releases,