5 Reasons Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice Needs A Social Media Presence

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Social media is still an evolving technology. It’s no longer just about likes and follows. Now, cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas are using it to take their practice to the next level.

You might feel like it’s a waste of time, or maybe you just don’t know how to take advantage of the various social platforms. There are several to choose from with more hitting the app store every day.

Either way, it’s definitely worth considering if you want to grow your practice. Keep reading to learn why your cosmetic surgery practice should be a regular presence on social media.

Attract and Connect to New Clients

In a study of 500 cosmetic surgery patients, nearly 95% of them turned to the internet for information before heading in for a consultation. 46% percent of them used social media.

40 of them patients said social media influenced their choice of doctor.

By underutilizing social media, or avoiding it altogether, your practice could be losing on out potential patients who could be benefitting from your services. Many potential patients will ask questions and make comments on your business page on Facebook, and comment on posts on Instagram.

Social Media Will Highlight Your Work

The rise of Instagram has brought photo and video-based posts to the forefront. Cosmetic surgery centers and med spas build their social media followings by posting before and after photos and video clips of procedures.

One stellar example of social media use in cosmetic surgery is Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. By using Instagram he’s built a community of more than 77,000 followers via video and images. His videos are educational, entertaining and capitalize on one the most overlooked facet of cosmetic surgery— curiosity.

Build Your Brand and Message

By using social media, you control the perception of your practice. You can make your brand known for a particular type of service, your doctor-patient interaction, your friendly staff, etc.

Strategic use of social media can position your cosmetic surgery practice as a thought leader, an innovator, or a trailblazer in the field. You can design your brand and the image of your practice around your values and your mission.

Social Media Marketing is a Game Changer

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Cosmetic surgery practices are increasingly using social media to attract patients.

Social media marketing is still an underused asset for a vast number of cosmetic surgery practices. Using your social pages you can promote specials and cross-promote services that not only drive sales but bring in revenue that you might have lost by discounting services. (More on that in another blog post).

Social media can bring potential patients’ eyes to your webpage. A 2017 study showed patients engaged with cosmetic surgery content on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram the most. However, the determining factor for them to visit a specific practice was the website.

Sharing content across social platforms, (i.e. sharing blog posts to Facebook, photos, and video from your website to Instagram and YouTube) will increase your potential patients’ interest.

Keep Your Patients Informed and Educated

Since so many people are searching online for cosmetic surgery information, why not be the go-to place for answers? It’ll help you retain patients.

Your social media pages and website should be where your patients are turning to get their questions answered. It wouldn’t do you any good for Patient A to get go to a competitor’s website to find out about a procedure she’s interested in or to find out if her preliminary results are what she should expect.

Moreover, if other practices don’t answer those same questions, you could level up your pages and become the industry standard in what a cosmetic surgery practice’s social media presence should look like.

Get Help With Your Social Media Management

Maintaining your blog, and keeping up with photos, and video are time-consuming tasks. Compound those with choosing which platforms to post what content and you’ve got a full-time job on your hands. Your cosmetic surgery practice should focus on taking care of patients’ needs, not whether your photos are posted in the right place. That’s my job.

Check out the services page to learn more about how I can help you stay up-to-date on your social media, blog page or website content. And, learn about other writing services.

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